Virgin Hair & Coloring/Dying!

What Is Virgin Hair?

The term Virgin hair is simply hair that has not been processed, meaning untouched by chemical processes such as perms, relaxers, and dyes. Our virgin hair comes in a natural black, almost like a 1b. The term "Virgin Hair" has been used so loosely that when you hear it, its like "Okay, now we have another company promoting Virgin Hair." Unlike most companies, Truu Virgin Hair specializes in the best quality Virgin Hair. Whether it be body wave, natural wave, curly or straight. Its all Virgin hair if it hits this website. As of now we have Virgin Brazillian body wave and the natural straight. More to come later. They range anywhere from 12-34 inches. All other inches upon special request. If you shoot a e-mail to .


***Also we do dye hair, ombre, and any other color of your choicing. However it will not be Virgin Hair after the hair is altered, Just send an e-mail to with your request AFTER YOU HAVE PAID. We will discuss pricing through e-mail.